Inman 101: Real Estate Industry Leaders Honored

Each year Brad Inman and his team publish a list of the people who are known as being leaders in real estate.  When its published we are like kids on Christmas morning to see who of our friends, clients, and colleagues made the list. 

We can't lie, we are pretty proud of our founder Audie Chamberlain for being named to the Inman Top 101 and even more thrilled to see so many of our clients on the list. The list is an acknowledgement of people who have a true passion for real estate. We see it every day in how they think about the larger issues, how they continue to bring out new ideas and technology, how they lead with integrity and grace.

We see it in Laura Brady, President of Concierge Auctions, who is always working with her team to not only deliver award-winning marketing that gets properties sold but also to address the issues in the industry that impact agents and brokers most. She isn't afraid to challenge the status quo.

We see it in Matt Beall, Principal at Hawaii Life. Matt is a student of the industry, growing one of Hawaii's top brokerages through careful and thoughtful expansion. Each year he and his team create Worthshop  one of the industry's most insightful events. Centered around a common theme, Worthshop is more than a real estate conference, it's a true meditation on the things that matter most.

We see it in Matt Barba, CEO of Placester, who has led his company through tremendous expansion creating websites that are now used by thousands of agents every day. Placester is more than just websites, Matt is both a former agent and a technologist and his vision is to create technology that is functional and results-driven.

We see it in Blake Andrews and Caroline Pinal of Giveback Homes. Blake's vision was simple and direct, to bring the Toms shoes model into real estate. Together, he and Caroline have built more than homes for those in need, they've built a movement in the real estate industry that has sparked real conversations about social good.

We see it in Errol Samuelson, Chief Industry Officer at Zillow. it would be hard to overstate Errol's contribution to real estate. His work has revolutionized real estate search, real estate CRMs and agent tools, and moved the industry forward in so many incalculable ways. 

Real estate changes and grows each year with leaders such as these constantly challenging the status quo, asking the tough questions, searching for answers, be willing to succeed and fail in order to carry real estate into the future.  We are honored to know you.