How a PR Firm Gets Into The Product Business


As a PR company we sometimes liken ourselves to a NASCAR team, we don’t just represent brands we love, we wear our hearts on our sleeves (and laptops). When we decided to build our firm one of the things that was most important to us was that we work with companies who did work we loved and who aligned with our common vision. Doing a co-branded product with a firm we represent was a natural evolution of this. 

We are a bit different than other PR firms in that we didn’t start our business out of a love of public relations, we started with a love of real estate and the people we’ve met during our years of connection in the industry. 

When we worked with agents we started to realize just how much knowledge and intelligence it takes to understand the ins and outs of the real estate market. Every agent is their own business and has to both demonstrate expertise and do so in a way that appeals to their client base. Every detail, every mention, every piece of marketing contributes to how they are viewed in the community and to their bottom line. 

That’s why we are so proud to introduce our collaboration with W+R Studios, the new Luxe edition to the popular Power Packs for Cloud CMA. CMAs are so important to how an agent is represented. They are the document that clients really consider and they tell a story in every small detail. Cloud CMA are the leaders in creating beautiful and easy-to-understand reports both quickly and comprehensively.

We worked with Michael McNamara of Shooting LA, someone we considered the most talented real estate photographer in the business to select the most beautiful shots for these covers. Michael has shot some of the area's most impressive homes including properties owned by Kanye West, Madonna and many more. We hope you love these covers as much as we do. 

Check out the Luxe Power Packs here: