The Orchestration Of A Moment

A rebrand is a unique project. It may seem like a simple swapping out of images but in our experience it always represents months and sometimes years of thought and effort to get it right. Each detail represents a particular nuance and idea.  

At their ninth annual Global Symposium in Amsterdam, October 23-25, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® unveiled their new look with a dramatic reveal to an audience of brokers of independent real estate companies from over 30 countries around the world.

The logo, created in conjunction with our friends, real estate branding experts,  1000watt, reflects Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE), status as a signifier of quality. The membership is comprised of over 550 independent real estate firms that are leaders in their local markets and have demonstrated excellence in service delivery and results. The logo had to be able to stand alongside a wide variety of brands and adds the assurance that the companies that are LeadingRE members are able to provide connections around the world.

Special focus was giving to the word ‘Leading’ and the designers decide to create a visual hierarchy with the words to progress them from the old logo.  The design team hand created the ‘Leading’ script typeface in order to create something completely unique. Once the logo was created and approved, then the project of showcasing it to the world began.

Each member received a welcome marketing package including marketing materials, special gifts, and a complete brand guideline packet. The live event was orchestrated in Amsterdam and then announced via video to the world. The combination of technology, being able to see it happen in Amsterdam,  combined with the visceral experience of receiving new materials with the logo is what made this experience memorable for the LeadingRE members. The logo has been well received by the worldwide membership who were able to share the excitement together.