The Value Of Your Face

We've known for a long time that video is taking over the internet but the shifts in the last few months to live broadcasts have been dramatic and have truly changed how we receive information. As more and more people discover Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instagram stories, our feeds are increasingly full of little vignettes of people living their lives and talking to us directly from their phones and laptops. 

Sometimes a technology comes along before the public is ready to adopt it. When Flip cam first came out, the early adopters rushed out and made videos that by today's standards seem a little rudimentary.  Just as with the early e-readers, the audience wasn't quite ready and the early days of live video were mostly confined to a few technologists. Now video is everywhere and for some people that may not be great news. Being on camera may not be everyone's favorite task. 

It's not easy putting your face out there, but it is what moves the needle in business. Just as we need to be face-to-face with our clients, they also need to see our faces on video and to see us, not as stylized and beautiful flawless presenters, but as humans, who smile and speak and occasionally flub a sentence or two. 

Brad Inman and Danielle Riley recently started Inman Provoke partly because it was a natural evolution of what Inman has always done, move the conversation in real estate forward. Getting two or three people together to talk about the news of the week is a fast and fun way to deliver a lot of information quickly.

The printed word isn't going away, podcasts aren't going away, but video both live and recorded, is increasingly a smart way to communicate. For the camera shy, starting with Snapchat can be a fun way to get your feet wet, the filters can be like wearing a mask and the videos aren't long and disappear in 24 hours.  As Ben Bacal said in his Provoke episode with Danielle Riley, the ability to be on camera easily is a muscle that you have to train. 

Decades ago, people would train in speech classes and be videotaped giving speeches so that they could learn their tics and habits. Now we can do this for ourselves nearly instantly, we just need the courage to watch ourselves and to be willing to experiment.

Check out the two recent episodes of Inman Provoke featuring Ben Bacal of Roofshoot and Chad Roffers of Concierge Auctions below and be sure to tune in every Friday for the live broadcasts.