The Art of Modern Video

It's impossible to underestimate the value of videos in today's marketing environment. Video isn't just the bulk of internet traffic, it's become the bulk of how we entertain ourselves but also how we learn, and how we communicate. 

But video is far more than simply turning on a camera or phone and letting things unfold. Online attention spans are still short and videos have to deliver an engaging message with a handful of minutes. Writers are often told that the first few sentences are critical for engaging the reader and the same is true with video. If you don't engage your viewer quickly they will move on. Title cards and beautiful imagery can hook the viewer early letting them know what they will be seeing.

In real estate our friends at Concierge Auctions are masters at this. There recent video, showcasing the full auction process of a Bahamian island is a great example because it includes not just stunning imagery but also tells a story through interviews, action shots of the auction in progress and music that helps augment the story. 

Well done videos today need to function both with sounds and without. Frequently a viewer encounters video either in a social media stream or online, with the sound turned off.  Getting a viewer to turn up the sound at all becomes the first objective for many videos these days.  

Adweek recently ran a fascinating article on how those ubiquitous Tasty cooking videos you see on Buzzfeed are created. The metric they judge success by isn't just views but shares. We are bombarded by videos on a daily basis, for us to pause, watch, and then decide to share, a video must not only entertain but also have value. 

If, as Gary Vaynerchuk says, every entrepreneur is a media company, video is a major and essential component of that and worth careful study. Pay attention to the videos that compel you outside of the real estate space and think about the ways you can adapt them to your world. Notice how music, imagery, and storytelling come together and the role emotion plays. As any real estate agent knows, each client, each property, and each transaction have elements that make them unique, part of successful real estate videos lie in finding and telling those stories.