Real Estate's Planting Season

Often as we head into mid-November, things get a little quiet. We had a fantastic time with our clients and friends at N.A.R. Annual but we can feel everyone already focused on 2017. It's human nature to strive toward a new year but it often seems that we rush through the last two months of the year in our hurry to get to the new. 

November and December though have incredible value in any business. Our co-founder Deidre Woollard recently wrote on about how to take advantage of these two months in two key ways: first by using the natural social calendar that pops up this time of year to connect with more people and second, by preparing for 2017 and starting now on what we traditionally call new year's resolutions by getting organized and creating great habits now. 

Our "no-slack" November includes our founder Audie Chamberlain's trip to Nicaragua with Giveback Homes at the end of the month. Our "do it" December includes one of our favorite events of the year, Worthshop, this year in Oahu. 

The year isn't over until December 31. Some agents we've worked with have told us that these are their most successful months simply because it can be when others are less responsive and less engaged. We call it the planting season because the work we do now will pay off in the future.