The Value of Showing Up

Our founder, Audie Chamberlain, nearly didn't make it to Nicaragua this week for the Giveback Homes build event with our clients, ReferralExchange and Concierge Auctions. A passport mishap ended up with him taking a later flight and instead of taking a day to acclimate, he threw himself into the work of shoveling gravel and mixing cement working with the team to build a home for a family in desperate need. This is his second trip to the area and the construction supervisor recognized him and knew he could put him to work immediately. 

Why travel 10 hours overnight just to arrive and get to work?

Audie says: "Giveback Homes Founder Blake Andrews always says that there's something about a build day that words simply can't explain. My personal experience has found this to be 100% true -- ironically in a way that can't be described in words. You actually have to experience it to understand it."

When social media first began, many people thought it would simply replace the person to person experience. What we see now is something different, social media doesn't replace the face-to-face, it augments it. The media talks a lot about "digital natives" but often misses the truth that we are all still human. Twenty years of technology don't undo thousands of years of the need for community, sharing, and helping.

As we plan our 2017, we think not just about what we can say, but where we can be and how we can better demonstrate the things we believe in, what's important to us and what matters most.  Travel is expensive and time-consuming but in the end, our ability to show up and be present is still the thing that can't be automated or outsourced.