Roofshoot Participates In Realogy FWD 2016

When we first met with the team from Roofshoot, participating in Realogy FWD immediately came to mind. Where else can you present your new product to some of the most powerful and sharpest people in the real estate biz?

We'd had the opportunity to attend the competition before and knew what an incredible event it was and its power to accelerate brands. Our friends at Dizzle and Loop & Tie competed as part of the 2015 class and we were aware that the competition was fierce.  The annual event hosted at Realogy headquarters brings together innovative companies who have big ideas for the future of real estate. 

Ben Bacal, Rick Patri, and the entire Roofshoot team brought their A-game to the event, flying out ahead of time to shoot a home using their new app which makes creating property videos, agent introduction videos, and neighborhood spotlights, quick, easy, and fun.  The best way to showcase the app and its functionality was to create a video in real time using clips shot the day before. Creating something in real time at a conference is always risky but it was the best way to demonstrate that a video truly be can be created in a few minutes. The team pulled it off and got the room involved in a video selfie. 

It was a great experience and while the team didn't bring home the ultimate prize, we were able to make connections that will lead the way to future collaborations. We are excited to join the Roofshoot team at Inman SF and future events to show more and more agents this app. Look for the app launch coming soon!

Congratulations to 1000watt for masterminding an event that was fast-paced, exciting, and memorable. For this first time this year, the event was livestreamed on Inman News letting thousands of viewers catch a little of the magic. We were so impressed by the companies that presented, they sparked our imagination and we know we will be hearing a lot more from them in the future. 

For more info on Realogy FWD, check out our founder's take on the event penned for Inman News.