Bringing The Triple Bottom Line To Real Estate

It began with an idea.

Every real estate conference includes networking events, and we asked ourselves what if we did one that could fully fund a life-changing home for a family in need? 

We first fully realized this dream in November of 2015 at the National Association of Realtors® annual conference where we worked together with Giveback Homes to create an event sponsored by HawaiiLife's Worthshop 6PlacesterW&R StudiosSindeo, and Docusign to partner with New Story on building a home for Marie Tidelle, a woman in Haiti who had lost her home during the earthquake in 2010. Not only did we get to have a great time with friends and colleagues, but we raised funds at the same time and earlier this year, Marie moved into her new home

The triple bottom line

The triple bottom line concept is simple: people, planet, and profitability. When we earn more, we can do more. Giveback Homes uses the hashtag #forsocialgood and this is something that resonates with us at Lion & Orb. Businesses can do well for themselves and do good things in the community and we believe that these two ideas are not mutually exclusive.

We took the same approach in January at Inman New York, hosting two Giveback Homes events with Concierge AuctionsPlacester1000 WattReferralExchangeSindeoRetsly and Docusign to again partner with New Story on building a home for Arcadio and his family in El Salvador. So many people showed up for the event, not just to socialize but to really learn more about the people behind the causes that Giveback Homes raises money for. 

Win win win

Corporate social responsibility and giving have become an important and relevant conversation in real estate. While the real estate community has always taken a strong role in housing issues including the N.A.R.'s long association with Habitat for Humanity, now we are seeing an increase in a variety of giving models designed to help real estate do more in new ways. It's exciting to see so much energy focused around one of the most important human rights, the right to safe and affordable housing. 

Our next Giveback Homes event is scheduled for August 3rd at 6pm and we are partnering with ReferralExchange and Placester on an event at The Clift Hotel to help raise money for an upcoming Sacramento build day and ongoing building projects around the country and around the globe. The party is by invitation only but you can request one by emailing

We would love to meet you and share more about the work Giveback Homes is doing and how you can get involved.