Join The Pride

We are very excited to share our first Lion & Orb hats and t-shirts. As anyone who has ever met our founder Audie Chamberlain knows, he has a love of baseball hats. It took us a while to find the hat that met his standards but we've done it and we are bringing hats and t-shirts to Inman San Francisco this year.

We aren't a brand, we are a tribe

Why do we need hats anyway? It's not something you see a lot of PR companies do. But for us it's about more than slapping our name on something, it's a response to all our friends and clients who've been so supportive in our first year. You are part of us, you've helped us grow, you've listed, you've let us become part of your lives and your businesses. Hats and t-shirts are a way of reflecting that love back at you. 

About that name

For those who might be curious,  Audie explains: "The story behind our name came from an exercise I participated in at Worthshop, the real estate thought leadership conference that Hawaii Life hosts each year. Business coach Jody Burr put us through a visualization to imagine our “inner CEO” and the imagery that came to me was of a lion and an orb, symbols that represent two parts of business: thinking/strategy and action/leadership."

When we were ready to start our business, we brainstormed for months on a name and bought all sorts of domains and then we realized the answer was in front of us the whole time. Now that we’ve had the name for over a year, we’ve really seen that just about every great company has a lion and an orb. Examples include Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak as well as Bill Gates and Paul Allen. You need someone who sees the big picture and also someone who makes sure the details get handled.  

We are ironclad with our commitments to our core values. To be a Lion & Orb client, we have to love you as a person, love your product or service and love your vision and bring complementary value to our roster. Our business is inclusive, we are a squad, or, as we like to call it, a pride.

Look for our hats and shirts at Inman. We can't wait to connect with you.