20 Years Of Inman Connect

What does the future of connection look like? 

At the 20th anniversary of the Inman Connect conference we saw many kinds of connection. From Brad Inman talking robotics and humans on stage and pointing out that his new granddaughter Quinn is a far more marvelous machine than any bot to the incredible connection that the Inman team orchestrated by bringing agent Billy Ekofo together with his family. 

Tech and humanity, working seamlessly. We saw it over and over all week. Badges were scanned by machines providing necessary data but it was the helpful and friendly blue-shirted Inman staff that made the conference feel so inclusionary. Friends demoed their new products for us on iPads and big screens but what mattered most was their excitement, their creativity, and the way their brains thought up the unique ways that different APIs and technologies could connect to create the things that may change real estate in the next few years. 

The keynote at the conference, Gary Vaynerchuk spoke about all the platforms he has used in the past few years. Some have taken off like Snapchat, some like Peach have sputtered out, but what he reminded everyone is that what matters isn’t having a username, it’s having a conversation, sharing, being of value. 

Value. That’s what connection really is in real estate, it’s why technology isn’t replacing our clients, it’s helping them do their jobs better. Brad spoke of the third brain and how the conversation isn’t bots vs. human, it’s really bots and humans. Our clients, like Matt Beall of Hawaii Life, whose team uses data analytics to make meaningful connections, reminded people to: “Be in action, don’t just hide behind the technology.”

Instead, technology is communication. Ben Bacal, of Roofshoot told the crowd how he found that his videos got more views when he was in them. It didn’t matter that he was awkward or maybe tripped over his words at times, what mattered was his genuine enthusiasm in sharing things that he knew would offer value for his viewers. 

Gary Vaynerchuk said that we all “day trade” attention. At Lion & Orb, we know attention isn’t easy to get in today’s world and in many ways it’s one of the most important commodities. Our founder, Audie Chamberlain, stressed in his presentation at the conference, that once we earn attention, we must honor attention by providing value. It’s one of the reasons we are so careful about selecting the clients we have the honor to represent. We only promote what we believe in and we do it in a way that speaks always to the meaning behind the message.

It was an incredible, busy, exciting, overwhelming week. Thank you to everyone who connected with the Lion & Orb team at Inman. There are so many truly remarkable people in this industry, people who give more than they get, who share what they know, not to see their names listed on a program but because they know that acquiring wisdom is meaningless if it is not put into practice.