Audie Chamberlain Named Inman Ambassador For Luxury Connect

In just a few short years, Luxury Connect has become one of the key events for luxury real estate professionals each year.  The event takes place in Beverly Hills and is known not just for the exciting panelists and influential speakers but for the parties surrounding the conference itself. It's truly the place to see and be seen.

Last year, in describing his experience at the event, Audie termed it "where smart meets sexy" and that is certainly the case again this year. One thing luxury agents and brokers know is that face to face connection matters more than ever in business and there is no better opportunity to meet those at the pinnacle of the profession than in Beverly Hills. 

This year Audie has been named as an Ambassador for the event, a fitting honor that reflects his genuine enthusiasm for the conference. Roofshoot Founder Ben Bacal will be sharing some of the secrets to his success and how to grow your business by strategic investment in your marketing techniques

So many of the agents we meet say they want to get to the next level in their business but they aren't sure how to get there. Luxury Connect each year delivers tips and tools from those who have shown that it can be done with style, grace, and plenty of hard work.

Tickets can be ordered here and if you want the scoop on all those parties, just talk to Audie, he'll fill you in.