Finding And Refining Your Story

Our founder, Audie Chamberlain, recently appeared on Homesnap's Snapshot podcast to talk about digital storytelling. You can listen here or on iTunes or Stitcher

Over and over people talk about the value of storytelling and we are no exception. Our research has shown time and time again that people buy the story as much as they buy the product or service. The story tells us not just what the experience will be like but how it will make us feel.

Story is how we connect to each other.

It's easy though to lose story to modality, to get caught up in and overwhelmed by platforms, apps, and the rising tide of information. We can forget sometimes that story can be, at its core, service.

In the early days of man, why did we tell stories? It wasn't so we could brag about our hunting (although perhaps that was part of it), it was so others could learn both from us and about us. Story can serve as experience, it can shorten our learning of a skill or show us what not to do. It can also shorten the time it takes to learn about someone or something.  The stories we tell about ourselves, our brands, and our products can't just be about how awesome we are. They have to entertain or inform, or ideally, both. 

We've been fans of Simon Sinek's work for years and we return to it again and again because we believe you really do have to know not just what your story is but why you are telling it and why it will matter to others. We check in with our own "why" on a regular basis. We exist to help others tell their stories and grow their businesses in real estate and real-estate-related industries. Public relations, media relations, content marketing and social media are just some of the "hows" we use.  Your story takes many forms in today's world in words, video, imagery, and the nascent world of virtual reality, once you know and nail the core of what you want to say and how it will improve the lives of others, you have the power to go anywhere.