Innovation Is A Moving Target

When do you know you've made it? Is it when you get the big deal, ink that huge contract, get that big promotion? 

These days the concept of "making it" being a permanent platform of ascension seems at best a bit naive. Things are always changing, and, as our client Ben Bacal, shown above speaking at C.A.R. Expo says, you are only as good as your last deal.

That's a lot of pressure, only being as good as your last deal. It means two things, the first is that you are starting fresh each time. You have more experience certainly but that experience is not a guarantee of success, it's simply proof you have done it before and can potentially do it again. The second thing it means is that you raise the bar for yourself a little higher each time. We only ascend when we continue to challenge ourselves to do more.

It's easy to stay complacent, it's easy to groan when there is yet another new technology or platform to adopt to. It's easier to say no. In her talk this week at C.A.R. Expo, Lisa Fettner of ReferralExchange gave three keys to adopting to new social platforms: be consistent, be relevant, and don't be afraid to have fun. 

Those are actually three good keys to anything in life. Careers are no longer linear or assured. Brands can be here today and gone tomorrow. But if we are resilient then we show up, we do the work, and we adapt to the times, we stay humble, and we keep moving forward. And we can be proud of ourselves when we take on something new as well as laugh at ourselves when mastery isn't immediate.  

Ben Bacal is one of the country's top real estate agents. He still door knocks as many agents do when they are starting out. He knocks on fancier doors now and with a billion dollar sales record behind him but that's not what he leads with, he leads with how his experience can help the person in front of him, in this moment.

As we innovate, we do it with an eye toward the end goal, so that we can be of value, today, and tomorrow, no matter what the future brings.