Words and Images

We had an amazing time in Miami at this year's Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® Conference week. There is no other real estate conference that gathers so many independent brokerages from all around the world. We met with folks from Costa Rica, New Zealand, and all around the U.S.

This year we had an ace up our sleeve, a wizard of a photographer, AJ Canaria from Planomatic who attended the conference and shot many of the events, including our panel on Cutting Through The Noise shown above.

One of the best ways to grab attention is an arresting images or video. With drones, advances in smartphone photography, new apps and new toys on the market, there are so many ways to make beautiful images.

We will never lose our love of words. Words are essential to what we do, the building blocks of communication. That being said, the days of submitting a long press release without images or links are mostly gone. The long release still makes sense for data-driven news but even then a few well-placed graphics make everything more palatable.

We learned more in one week than we can share on a single post but one thing we came away with is that today's brokers and agents use every tool at their disposal from intense research into the details of a property to hiring a poet to capture the special nuances of a resort destination to crunching data to determine not just where things have been, but also where they are heading. 

Some people prefer words, some prefer images (just ask us, the Lion and the Orb have very different ideas) but today's smart real estate company is multimedia and multimodal in order to cut through the noise and deliver the true essence of value.