The Lion & Orb team, despite loving all things housing and home, aren't known for their mad DIY skills. However, on Friday, we joined Giveback Homes on a Habitat for Humanity jobsite for a day of construction. While we may not know a lot about joists and foundations,  we know a lot about what it takes to build something special. There are quite a few similarities between building a house and building a successful PR campaign. 

Follow the plans:

You don't build a house without plans. Plans aren't something glanced at once and forgotten, they are checked every day, along each step of the journey.  Don't wing it. Our pre-planning for some campaigns takes months. 

Pay attention:

On a job site it's hot, it's dirty, it's easy to lose focus. But one of the most important rules of construction is to stay aware. Know where your co-workers are, know exactly where you are in the task at hand, and know your own limits so you don't make foolish mistakes. Awareness is something as a company, that we stay firmly grounded in. Our clients joke that sometimes we know their next move before they do, that is because we listen. 


Respect is crucial in any job and on a construction site it's critical to listen to those with knowledge and exptertise. Respect for the power tools is pretty vital too. We used palm nailers in our build and they are very helpful but can be very dangerous. Treating the tools of any trade, whether they are physical tools or words and images, with respect for the force they carry, helps ensure a better outcome. 


Kindness and consideration are part of our core values. One of the reasons so many of our clients work together is because they share those values too. Kindness may not be a thing that springs to mind when on a construction site but we saw it all day long in the ways that people made hard work easier for each other, bringing water, sharing the burden of lifting something heavy, singing, telling jokes, and praising jobs well done. 

We can't wait for our next build day with Giveback Homes! If you'd like to join a project, please visit to see when they will be building near you. The next build day is scheduled for April 29 in Denver, Colorado.