Last week, our CEO was at Real Trends' Gathering of Eagles, and what stuck with us is how committed the real estate industry is to changing and growing with the times. Executives and leaders from around the country who are already pressed for time always make sure to attend this conference. Why? Because we grow the most when we learn from others who are at the top of their game. 

It isn't always easy when technology, demographics, and economics are constantly shifting, but those dedicated to learning and adapting always seem to come out ahead.  Education isn't something that happens when we are young or in a few brief intense updates, it's an ongoing comittment to knowing you can always be that much better.

Learning isn't easy. These days everything is fighting for our attention. Learning takes time and also the right mindset. It's also not always linear. What makes us better isn't just focusing on our agenda, it's being able to listen to people outside of real estate, to share a conversation with someone who shares their passions not just for growing their business but for improving their lives and the lives of others around them. 

We think of leadership as external, leading the troops on to victory, but often it's internal first, it requires determination, courage, a long-range plan, and the ability to change that plan when situations change. 

Thank you to all the eagles who shared their wisdom with us last week and to Steve Murray who is always so generous with his time and wisdom.