When we believe in a company, we take on their mission as our own.

This week our CEO, Audie Chamberlain is in China with Concierge Auctions taking part in events in two different cities and learning more about how the Chinese buyers feel about luxury real estate.  Chinese buyers enjoy auctions and have set records for wine, art, and jewels.  Luxury auctions are driven by value and by excitement and Concierge Auctions is hosting their first global auction on June 28-29 (and hosting a special event in Hong Kong). The China Portfolio Sale represents some of the most noteworthy properties that Concierge is bringing to market this year. 

In a recent podcast with Michael LaFido, Chad Roffers, Chairman of Concierge Auctions, called the company the Ferrari of real estate. It's true that an auction is a powerful engine for driving the sale of a property. Consider that average auction with Concierge generates 300 inquiries and 25 to 75 showings (a year to three years of showing behavior for many luxury homes). If a seller wants to divest themselves of a luxury property quickly there is simply no greater method. 

Real estate auctions sometimes have a different perception compared to other luxury auctions even though the process is very similar. One difference with Concierge, and one reason we are so proud to represent them, around the country and around the world, is that they always include the agent in the transaction. 

Go big or go home. Be relentless in your approach and flawless in your execution and success will follow you. Concierge Auctions proves this every day. That's why we fly halfway around the world to stand at their side. It's what partners do.