Is there anyone who doesn't enjoy special treatment?

This is the truth of who we are, we all want to feel cared for, understood, known, and listened to. We tend to think of VIP experiences as being lavish expensive things but great service isn't necessarily about the expense, it's about the care.

In a recent article on Inman about maintaining your network, our CEO and founder Audie Chamberlain explained how those little things that delight clients, those small touches, mean more than you might think.

Audie cited a couple of examples of real estate agents he knows who don't just focus on the transaction, they think about the transition, doing everything they can to make sure their clients settle in to their new homes well.  

Audie calls it  “over-the-top love” and really it's about paying attention to the other person, putting yourself in their shoes, and thinking of how you would like to be treated. 

The sad fact of great customer service is that it's the first thing that gets lost when things get busy.  Focusing on volume often means forgoing the details. 

Today is attention is our most valuable commodity and the most precious gift we can give. Want to make someone feel like a VIP? Write down somewhere 3 facts about this person that you know are important to them. Next thing time you plan to contact that person in any way, review that list and make sure your outreach keeps in mind what matters most to the person you are connecting with. 

Great hotels use a similar method to suprise and delight regular guests but it's a tip anyone can use to make their connections stronger and more meaning-centered.