Flexibility is the new corner office

"Where are you guys?" said a client of ours. "It sounds like you are in a quiet sealed room." 

We laughed because we were actually in two separate rooms on opposite sides of the vast sprawl of Los Angeles.  On any given day, we can be together in the same room, in the same city, or across the country from each other.  Since our founding we've learned that flexibility is even more of a perk for us than we thought it would be. It's allowed us to care for our families, to pursue goals, and yes, knock a few cities off our bucket lists.

Don't believe the picture above. Flexibility isn't about idyllic beaches all the time, it's about having control over your own time. Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) flexibility for us may mean a 12-hour day of work for clients. But it's a choice we make because we enjoy the work. We joke about TGIM (thank god, it's Monday) because work is our happy place. 

We've never met an entrepreneur who didn't put in the hours. It's the nature of building something from scratch. Flexibility for us and for our team means we let the work and not a preset schedule define our flow. The way people work is constantly shifting. We've gone from work-life balance to work-life integration, a world of interlocking gigs and projects. 

Flexibility isn't new. We forget that the regimented eight-hour work day is a relatively new phenomenon across the span of time. When we challenge what we know, that's the time in which we are able to see what is truly possible.