Mentorship, coaching, and the power of women

The truth of the real estate industry is that while real estate has always woman-powered, it hasn’t always been woman-led. That’s continuing to change and the California Association of Realtors® is at the forefront of that, showing the way not just through their own executive structure but through the creation of the WomanUp conference.

Over 300 men and women gathered in Pasadena, California to share wisdom, wit, and guidance for how to get to the next level in life and leadership. Women have unique gifts to bring to the table but they often hesitate to step up and ask for that next big role -- the only way for this to change is through support, advocacy, and bringing those fears out into the light. 

Panels focused not just on tips from decades of success but also the very real things that we can learn from failure. Dealing with failure is at least as important as handling success in terms of life and business. The speakers on the panels were open with their failures, whether they were about getting overextended in business, not daring to dream, or coming back from a tremendous defeat. 

If there is anything the conference showed it is that each woman is different. Women are  not all nurturers, not all relationship-centered. Some are bold and fearless, some need time to make the leaps. One thing that most women do share is the ability to create partnerships that have true and lasting value. Women seek affinity and have the ability lift each other up.

Mentoring and coaching featured prominently in the course of the conference. For many women, being mentored is extremely important. But equally important is being a mentor, being of value, offering your guidance and your experience. The mentor relationship has benefits on both sides.  

Success means many things to different people. It’s not always money, it can be time, or freedom. For many women the path to leadership hasn’t always been direct. What the conference shows is that there are many women ready, willing, and able to take on the mantle of leadership.