Own Your Moment

It's not easy to tell your story. Sometimes it's easy to just hope people will see it so you won't have to be seen as tooting your own horn. Public Relations is reaching the people who you interact with in business. It’s an audience out there cheering you on.

At Lion & Orb we specialize in scaling your small audience from your immediate circle to the world at large. At Inman Connect San Francisco, our founder Audie Chamberlain spoke the untraditional ways to make a moment: “Think about companies like Tesla; they’ve had tremendous success going into the shopping center instead of the auto mall like everybody else,” Chamberlain pointed out. “Think about how you can think differently.”

What does thinking differently look like in real estate? Our clients Hawaii Life did something different by aligning with Hawaiian Island Land Trust. Instead of selling people every piece of available land, the real estate company is helping protect thousands of miles of beachfront so they can’t build any more properties on it.

One of the reasons we recommend press releases is because they are SEO-friendly records of your milestones and accomplishments. As the reporter noted, if you don’t plan on pitching it to the media, write up a release and post it on your own site. A reporter might thank you later for having such a comprehensive archive of your own work when they’re writing a feature profile!

Audie also spoke about finding the hook in your story, it's something we specialize in at Lion & Orb. We read hundreds of news stories each day and pay close attention to headlines. Not sure what makes your story newsworthy? Share it with us and we'll help you find the thread that makes it media ready.