The Parker Principles


The real estate industry is always changing but often that change is reflexive and reactive rather than deliberate. In March, real estate leaders gathered in Palm Springs at Disconnect In The Desert to try and change that, to see if it was possible to guide real change through deliberate action.

What do we want the future of the industry to be? What role does real estate play in society and what responsibility do real estate agents have in their community? After two days of intense conversation,  a set of guidelines, the Parker Principles, were drafted. They span questions of information accessibility, housing affordability, ethics, climate change and more. 

Words can be powerful, they spur action. In the last few months, we've seen our clients and others in the industry start to have discussions about the ways they can bring about real change in real estate. It starts with asking questions about the way you are doing business and how each of us can do a little more.

What all these principles have in common is a recognition of the connectedness of our world.  Questions about real estate are fundamental to society and how we live. In the end, building on these principles won't just change the industry, it has broader reaches into our communities.

We believe in the real estate industry. We believe in these principles. And we can't wait to see what comes next.