Hawaii On Our Minds

Like many people around the world, we've fallen in love with Hawaii. Having Hawaii Life and HL1 as clients gives us the perfect reason to share beautiful Hawaiian real estate and the uniquely Hawaiian take on real estate. 

We've long been admired of Jim Dobson's writing at Forbes. Jim's take on luxury is aligned with the Lion & Orb feeling that luxury is more than just a logo or a name, it's an experience. Jim doesn't just write about luxury, he lives it. When we found out that he was planning a trip to Oahu to check out the new Four Seasons we reached out to see if we could help add a little premium real estate to his itinerary. You can read about Jim's adventure, that included a stay in an incredible luxury estate,  

Hawaii Life recently celebrated its eighth year, marking a time of expansive growth. The brokerage truly represents the most alluring properties on the islands, several of which were also featured in a recent blog post on realtor.com. The media seems to share our fascination with perfect Hawaii sunsets.

HL1 also just published the third edition of HL1 magazine which features the amazing Waiea penthouse. The penthouse has been covered by a variety of publications, from Wall Street Journal to Business Insider and offers a level of amenities that sets a new bar for service in Honolulu. The HL1 magazine is privately distributed. If you'd like a copy, connect with us at press (at) lionandorb.com and we will make sure one is spent to you. 

Want to experience our Hawaii? Join us in December for Worthshop on Oahu at the new Four Seasons. Lion & Orb founder Audie Chamberlain calls Worthshop the Davos of real estate. It's truly something special, more a meeting of great minds than  just a real estate conference. It is about really delving deeper into the underpinnings of how to make a good business even better. This year's theme is Relate, a theme that speaks to our need to get along and truly communicate.